Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sakura Snowglobe 日本の桜のスノーグローブ

   Envydolls proudly presents the Japanese Cherry Blossom Snowglobe - 100% hand made from the blown glass dome and turned wooden base to the intricately hand-crafted miniature diorama of three branches carrying pink sakura cherry blossoms and lightly tipped with snow. Each flower created from five tiny petals is hand made by myself, attached to the branch and painted. You won't find any sakura snowglobes like these anywhere else!

sakura snowdome

   Each snowdome is assembled and tested for quality before being made available for sale. You will be able to pre-order one immediately from our Storenvy shop, Etsy store or our eBay auction site. We hope you enjoy the beauty and attention to detail of our Cherry Blossom snowglobes! You can also order a custom color version of this design from us by contacting us for a "custom snowglobe" commission.  

cherry blossom snowdomesakura snowdome

   Your order is a pre-order, meaning we receive your order and payment first, and create the item for you within 1-4 weeks. This is because each globe is tested carefully to ensure the highest quality, and to allow sealants to properly cure before shipping. Normally your order will be ready within 1-2 weeks and ready to ship in the third week. All globes are very carefully packed and double boxed to ensure safety in transit, and are shipped with tracking numbers and a proof of delivery as part of the shipping service.