Thursday, 8 September 2016

Puckmiran sculpture

   Puckmiran sculpture for a client! (the cute little alien from the movie Flight of the Navigator). Cute little fella :)

puckmiran figure
 puckmiran figure

He is approx 5" in length, composed of glass eyes, Polymer clay (with a wooden base) and hangs from a tree perch. We can also construct him in the "dancing" pose from the movie. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Etsy Store Issue - URGENT NEWS

Those of our customers who purchase from us on Etsy may well be already aware of a problem with our account - we ourselves are working toward resolving this issue with Etsy ASAP but for the time being we aren't able to communicate through Etsy conversations with our buyers and clients. Etsy's customer service is less than ideal when there isn't even a phone number for either customers or sellers to use to solve problems like these, and at present we aren't even aware of what the problem is that warranted our store being frozen, and we know we still have active Etsy customers we want to communicate with and reassure that their orders still stand are being created and scheduled to be shipped regardless of the store issues.

If you are a customer who purchased from us on Etsy, please know you can reach us at our contact email any time, and we will be attempting to personally contact by email everyone who purchased from us on Etsy who still await orders to explain the situation and provide a means of convenient contact for the duration of the problem. :)

We are told stores and items can be frozen, deactivated or suspended at any time without notice by Etsy for any number of reasons, some as odd as an admin or staff member deciding that the items for sale in a store are probably not made by the seller (although we make everything in our store to order and nothing is made "by someone else" that we sell). At present we still haven't been given a reason for our store freeze, and we aren't sure that we are even going to receive one. In the meantime if you're an Etsy customer who wanted to purchase something from us but find you now can't, you can contact us directly to request a commission order, or check out our eBay auctions. :)

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience to our Etsy customers and please be assured we are still working on your orders despite these problems!