Thursday, 17 December 2015

Large Sakura Snowglobe

   Introducing our larger and more elaborate version of the popular Sakura snowglobe - the 100mm diameter dome version!

sakura snowglobe

cherry blossom snowglobe

   This is a substantial-sized made-to-order snowglobe with many beautiful details of snow and flowers. Each one is hand made without use of molds of any kind and is therefore a unique work of art. You can order one here at our Etsy Shop.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Our Etsy Shop

   It's been some time since we listed items for sale in our Etsy shop, mostly because we were busy running auctions and Storenvy, and our blog, and neglected to update our Etsy shop as often. It's now up and running, however, and you can browse some of our most popular items there, favorite and share them with others. All our latest made-to-order designs will be there, where they might not be in our other stores, so please do check it out if you have time!


   And if you like what we do, it helps us a great deal to share our work with others on social media and spread the word. We love getting new clients to work with! :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Piranha Plant Snowglobe

   As you can see we make all kinds of snowglobes, and there's more where this came from! 

piranha plant snowglobe

   This one is the famous Frost Piranha Plant from Paper Mario. Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing or commissioning any of our creations! :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Crow Snowglobe

   A second design for our Eric Draven / Crow inspired cemetery snowglobes. This time a darker scene with less snow on the headstones, as in the movie itself.

the crow snowglobe

   You can order one of these at our Etsy store, here. :)

Friday, 13 November 2015

Japanese Red Kitsune Snowglobe

   Original one of a kind kitsune fox snowglobe by Envydolls

kitsune snowglobe

   Currently for sale here.

Japanese White Kitsune Fox Snowglobe

   Now available are our Japanese kitsune snowglobes!

kitsune snowdome

   This white kitsune snowglobe is currently up for auction here.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Cactuar sculpture

   Final Fantasy Cactuar figures, by Envydolls.

These 3" polymer clay Cactuar statues are super cute! Comes either in a pot or on a small desert diorama. Don't forget we do all sorts of sculpting commissions; you can contact us to discuss one.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Labyrinth Bomb Goblin

   8" handmade sculpture, the cannon ball goblin from Labyrinth.

   Currently available at auction here.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Labyrinth Eye Lichen

   Another fun project from Labyrinth! This eye lichen plant sculpture sits in a real terracotta pot and would make a great ornament for fans of the movie.
labyrinth eye lichen

   Eye lichen is currently available at our eBay store, for a short time. Check out the auction here.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Groot Sculpture

   This cute little chibi Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy was a sculpture we made and designed back in 2014 around the time we saw the movie! 

groot statue

   Another sculpt also inspired by GOTG, and by Japanese chibi style:

groot sculpture

   Chibi Groot proved a big hit and even the director of the movie complimented him! :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

OKAMI Amaterasu Sculpture

   This furry statue of Amaterasu from Okami by Envydolls now resides with private collectors in Japan. We had a great time making this one and hope to make more Okami projects in future. 

amaterasu statue

   We are currently open for commissions, so please use the contact information on the Contact Us page if you would like to request a commission.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Friendly Yan

   This friendly Yan sculpture!

   Friendly Yan is the 'black sheep' of the Yan clan from Final Fantasy 9. If you encounter him in the game he will ask for a diamond, and in return grant you the abilities to fight the toughest foes.


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Kitsune Fox Doll

   An Envydolls original, this dancing kitsune fox doll was inspired by the antique woodblock prints of Ohara Koson. Standing nearly 12" and wearing a leaf hat, this young fox is attempting the art of transformation into another shape or form. Japanese folklore has it that all foxes have the ability to shapeshift, like their tanuki (raccoon dog) cousins, and are mystical beings.

kitsune statue
   We hope to make more Japanese folklore themed-sculptures in future. We can also be commissioned to create one. Please use the email address given on the Contact Us page to contact us about a commission.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Moomba Sculpture

   Another commission from a short while ago - a plush statue (not soft toy) of a Moomba from Final Fantasy VIII. He stands about 11" tall.

moomba sculpture

   There are no existing Moomba figures like this, despite Moombas having a sizeable fanbase. We will consider all commission requests submitted to us, so if you'd like to submit an idea for commission, please use the email provided on the Contact Us page. :)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

REDXIII Sculpture

   Occasionally we take commissions from clients and these can lead to some interesting requests! Here is a detailed statue of a character known as RedXIII (or Nanaki) from the game Final Fantasy 7. 

redxiii statue

   The figure is almost 12" long, with realistic texture and metallic feather barettes. We wanted him to look as realistic as possible so he has a 'real' mane and coat. He was great fun to do and with the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the horizon, we look forward to doing more FF themed sculptures!

   To request a commission, please us the email provided on the Contact Us page. :)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Is Storenvy Really Free?

   Last year we made a post about using Storenvy, a selling platform that offered a free storefront to online merchants. At that point the only fees any online merchant would have incurred by using Storenvy were the inevitable Paypal fees at whatever rate Paypal was charging in their country. It was free to have a Storenvy storefront, and free to have your items listed in what they call the "marketplace" - an internal search engine system whereby customers can find your goods from Storenvy's main page by entering keywords.

   Storenvy has since changed its policy to rival eBay and Amazon by charging around 10% of the final sale price for using their marketplace. You're paying 10% to be visible to their search engine, and are also required to sign up to using "Stripe" - something designed to make buying from sellers with multiple Paypal accounts a more "seamless" experience for the buyer.

   If you want automatic exposure for your wares, Storenvy is no longer "free" as it once advertised itself to be. eBay likely still has a bigger audience and potential for exposure for the same fee, although eBay remains notoriously indifferent to the concerns of sellers about its site and policies. Etsy still has a smaller audience than eBay but also smaller fees, but has grown considerably in the last few years and is recognized as a dedicated venue for hand-crafted works, so for OOAK artists like myself hoping to sell their dolls, Etsy might be your best bet at the moment.   

   Thankfully, Storenvy still allow users to operate their own free storefront, provided they remain invisible to the marketplace. You can still direct potential customers to it from your own site, or even a Facebook app, which is handy. So to answer the question "is Storenvy really free?" - yes and no. If you want to do all the leg-work with your own advertising and customer base, then yes it is. If you want to be searchable there and take advantage of the marketplace, get ready for eBay and Amazon-style commission fees. For OOAK artists selling hand made or high-end art, Storenvy's marketplace may not be the best place to find customers and grow a customer base interested in fine art (compared to sites like Etsy, or an actual art gallery).    

   Envydolls has a Storefront on Storenvy, Etsy and eBay - please do check them out! :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Envydolls YouTube channel

   We (finally!) have a YouTube channel of our own and will be uploading videos about our sculpts and dolls as we go.

   Please check it out, and subscribe if you'd like to follow us and see more:

Cherry Blossom Snowglobe

   A short video to showcase the Sakura snowglobes we make!

   If you'd like to order, please check out our storefront.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

OOAK Art Dolls by Envydolls

   Here's a short video on YouTube showcasing some of Hiroyasu Ike's other works outside of Envydolls, including all kinds of fan art statues, sculptures, plush toys etc.! :)

   The video features Hiroyasu's popular Baby Groot sculpt, moomba plush, Red XIII plush, Onion Tou figure, Okami Amaterasu plush figure, Piranha Plant figures, Baby Loch Ness monster, Labyrinth Ludo statue, Baby Welsh Dragon, Cheshire Cat statue, Totoro figure, Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit sculpture, Dancing Kitsune, mini Hachiko statue, and others. All hand made, one of a kind.

Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit

   Another special project by Envydolls completed in 2014 - OOAK Princess Mononoke ( もののけ姫) Forest Spirit plush statue from the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki film.


   You can commission works from us using the email provided on the contact page to send us a proposal and receive a quote! :)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Labyrinth Ludo Statue

ludo labyrinth

   Currently up for auction, a 5.5" inch bust of Ludo by Envydolls, detailed with merino wool fur and reclaimed Victorian ebony. One of a kind, 100% handcrafted.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Fenrir Sculpture

   Fenrir special project [SOLD] in mixed media. This 10" hyper-detailed statue of the giant wolf Fenrisulfr from Norse mythology features a suit of real metallic hand-crafted barding armor designed and created by Envydolls.

Fenrir statue

   We are currently open for special project commissions like this. Please use the contact page to submit a request and discuss a commission! :)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sakura Snowglobe 日本の桜のスノーグローブ

   Envydolls proudly presents the Japanese Cherry Blossom Snowglobe - 100% hand made from the blown glass dome and turned wooden base to the intricately hand-crafted miniature diorama of three branches carrying pink sakura cherry blossoms and lightly tipped with snow. Each flower created from five tiny petals is hand made by myself, attached to the branch and painted. You won't find any sakura snowglobes like these anywhere else!

sakura snowdome

   Each snowdome is assembled and tested for quality before being made available for sale. You will be able to pre-order one immediately from our Storenvy shop, Etsy store or our eBay auction site. We hope you enjoy the beauty and attention to detail of our Cherry Blossom snowglobes! You can also order a custom color version of this design from us by contacting us for a "custom snowglobe" commission.  

cherry blossom snowdomesakura snowdome

   Your order is a pre-order, meaning we receive your order and payment first, and create the item for you within 1-4 weeks. This is because each globe is tested carefully to ensure the highest quality, and to allow sealants to properly cure before shipping. Normally your order will be ready within 1-2 weeks and ready to ship in the third week. All globes are very carefully packed and double boxed to ensure safety in transit, and are shipped with tracking numbers and a proof of delivery as part of the shipping service.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Custom Snowglobe / Snowdomes

   Envydolls will offer a custom commission service for anyone wanting a personalised snowglobe. We already produce the popular Sakura Snowglobe, and Gothic and Graveyard Snowglobes, and would like to extend a custom option as well to potential customers. We may not be able to make every request, due to the logistics of design, but we will consider every one and let you know if we can make one for you. :)
custom snowdome
   Currently the custom option applies only to our standard size of snowglobe of 3 & 1/4 inches dome (small). Price of £85.00 GBP applies plus shipping (shipping will differ depending on your location and will be calculated for you upon your request). 

   To discuss a custom snowglobe, please contact us using the email provided on the contact us page.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Gothic Graveyard Snowglobe #2

   Handmade snowglobe inspired by the movie The Crow. This version is a frozen willow tree. Currently available as an auction. Click "my doll auctions" tab in the right column to go to our current auctions!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Crow inspired Gothic Graveyard Snowglobe

   Envydolls present approx. 3 & 1/4 inch graveyard & dead tree snowglobes, each personally handmade, with no molds of any kind used. Each diorama is uniquely crafted by hand to extreme detail (so please note that each one is slightly different, each tree will have a unique branch pattern etc.). The scene contains a dead tree with snow, and several graves. Grave designs include crosses, obelisk, and various flat tombstones with carved skull detail.

   The base is turned varnished wood and the globe is genuine blown glass.

   Pre-orders will require up to 4 weeks to complete; these are all made individually by myself as well as tested by myself to ensure they are top quality and 100% leakproof. the making process takes up to a week and I allow the finished globe to stand for a few days for the waterproof sealants to completely cure, after which if I am satisfied they are perfect quality they are shipped. Shipping goes by a fully tracked form of delivery.

   We hope to do pre-orders in batches. if the pre-order sells out in the store, you can bookmark it and wait, and pre-orders should become available again after the previous batch ships.

   To make your pre-order now, visit our store!

Monday, 13 July 2015

NEVERMORE The Raven Poe sculpture

   One of a kind! Nevermore (bronze patina effect) Edgar Allen Poe-inspired Pallas and raven 9" mixed media sculpture by Envydolls for sale on eBay.

   In his famous poem "The Raven" Poe describes how a mysterious and foreboding raven lands on top of a bust of Pallas Athena and answers the speaker in the poem with the phrase "nevermore". This miniaturized raven and Pallas statue will provide a unique Gothic muse for all Poe fans.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Faithful Dog HACHIKO 忠犬ハチ公 for sale

   Introducing more special projects from Envydolls, a smaller rendition of the statue of the famous dog Hachiko at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. At 5", this recreation of Hachiko can sit anywhere in your house awaiting your return.

Hachiko sculpture

     [SOLD OUT]

Monday, 18 May 2015

Labyrinth LUDO 1/6th Sculpture

   Envydolls presents a special 1/6th scale Ludo furred statue, standing almost 12" tall on a solid turned wooden base and polymer clay diorama. Textured with fine quality merino wool, and with a body constructed from brass armature, polymer clay and other lightweight materials, this Ludo figure is one of a kind.

   Click the purple "Doll Auctions" tab in the sidebar to visit our current art doll auctions! 

Ludo Labyrinth figure


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lowbrow Art Print #2: INLÉ

   Second Lowbrow art print by Envydolls! Inspired by The Moon, the eighteenth card of the Major Arcana in tarot.

"INLÉ" : 2013

     You can purchase high quality fine art prints of this design in our outlets listed in the sidebar! :)

Friday, 10 April 2015

Lowbrow Art Print #1 : PETIT BAPHOMET

   Envydolls proudly presents various lowbrow arts by Hiroyasu Ike. :) It's a design inspired by the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana in tarot - that corresponding to The Devil.

   "PETIT BAPHOMET" : 2013

         You can purchase high quality fine art prints of this design in our outlets listed in the sidebar!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome to Envydolls

   After merging our studios with that of two others, we'll now be using this blog for our Envydolls 2015 project.

   Envydolls is a studio run by two artists. We aim to create original and inspiring OOAK art dolls for collectors to purchase. We also hope to be able to produce OOAK art doll tutorials soon for those who wish to support our work. More on that soon.

   The last year has been difficult for us as artists. We look forward to 2015 and hope our new work will find fans and interested parties. If you become interested in purchasing any of the pieces we will shortly be showcasing here, please use the contact page for details.