Saturday, 16 January 2016

Resident Evil Zombie Dog

   As sculptors we like to try all kinds of projects - from fantasy and the fantastical to horror and the macabre! This was an incredibly fun (and grotesque!) project inspired by the classic Resident Evil games franchise - the zombie police dog (Doberman pinscher). He comes with a concrete-effect base to mirror the surroundings where the player encounters zombie dogs in the Raccoon City Police Department. As a long-time fan of Resident Evil, Hiro sculpted this wonderfully disgusting zombie dog bust with removable zombie hand. Click on the image below to see a super-sized version.

resident evil zombie dog

   Zombie dog bust is [SOLD] but it you'd like to commission us for sculpts including horror projects, please contact us with your proposal. :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Larger Ludo Bust

   Once again we are offering Ludo busts! You can commission us to create a bust sculpture to your needs: smiling and happy, sad, or inquisitive? 

ludo labyrinth

   Please contact us if you have a specific idea in mind. Or check out our Etsy store for things currently on sale!