Friday, 18 September 2015

Custom Snowglobe / Snowdomes

   Envydolls will offer a custom commission service for anyone wanting a personalised snowglobe. We already produce the popular Sakura Snowglobe, and Gothic and Graveyard Snowglobes, and would like to extend a custom option as well to potential customers. We may not be able to make every request, due to the logistics of design, but we will consider every one and let you know if we can make one for you. :)
custom snowdome
   Currently the custom option applies only to our standard size of snowglobe of 3 & 1/4 inches dome (small). Price of £85.00 GBP applies plus shipping (shipping will differ depending on your location and will be calculated for you upon your request). 

   To discuss a custom snowglobe, please contact us using the email provided on the contact us page.