Thursday, 31 March 2016

Steampunk Doll Giveaway!

   Yes, they are back! The popular Steampunk snails (and slugs!) OOAK series by us here at Envydolls are now available again via our STEAMPUNK SNAILS PATREON. Supporting us as a Patron and take part in monthly raffle style giveaways for these crazy little critters! Pledge $1 or up to $20 for a chance to win, but the higher your pledge the more times your name will be entered into the hat to be drawn out.

   After the month's pledges are collected, a winner will be chosen raffle style to receive a sculpt! This is one way to support us and potentially win our work without the frustration of losing out to other buyers in an auction, or having to spend a lot upfront. :)

steampunk snails
   Hope to see you there!