ORDER CHECKER (for customers)

   Here is a new system where you can find information as to the status of your orders, if you are our customer. We usually make artwork to order after payment, so there is often a waiting period while items are made before orders are shipped. We have grouped them by type so customers can find their order easier. We wish to protect the privacy of our customers, so we will only use the initial and surname of the buyer to indicate your order. This page is updated each day. If you have any queries, please contact us through the venues you purchased from, i.e. eBay, Etsy, etc.

   If your name is not here and it should be, please contact us about it through the venue you purchased from.

   Once shipped, orders go to the bottom of the page under SHIPPED. If a tracking number is provided, it is provided next to the customer's name. Our carrier company for all mail is Royal Mail. Please note, we cannot send signed for (signature required) services to P.O. boxes, instead we will send to P.O box addresses by regular airmail.


SHIPPING IMMINENTLY (next 7-10 days):

R. Spina
A. Kersten

D. Allsberry
T. Burlingame
K. Heimann
T. C. Stewart
D. Vincent
D. Coppola
C. Eastwell
G. R. Martinez
T. Fowler
S. Waung
G. Stockley
G. Boyer


C. Eastwell


M. Petit
C. Breker
K. Hunter
S. Green


C. Coulter(?)


A. Weil x 3
S. Naoto

S. Cash
V. Manchester
K. Walker
B. Webster
T. Robinson
A. Byers
O. Matikainen

*****SHIPPED: (most recent first)******************************

C. Schult *
J. Gibson / GQ167156855GB
O. Lang*
R. Bradley
M. Reynolds
E. Wood  / GQ167155948GB
C. B. Allison / RN419580872GB
N. Meshcheryakov / RN419580886GB
A. Rinaldi / RN419580705GB 
D. Low / RN419587513GB
J. Joberns / GQ167079671GB
M. Beanland / GQ167079685GB
G. Cezares 
R. Bloomfield /  FWPN9308213GB
L. Heidingsfelder
Y. Cook / GQ167078367GB
C. Coates
A. Acosta
M. Santangelo
C. Finch
H. Ow
L. A. Fuller
C. Berger
A. Sizmur
M. Parker
T. Kuroishi  
Communita/ RN419586875GB
R. Garcia / RN419586861GB
M. Martin / GQ167165485GB
J. Dillon
A. Rinaldi / RN419586835GB
V. Gunn / GK739897424GB
D. Bazzoni / GK739897438GB
R. Bloomfield / GK739896494GB
L. Nguyen
A. Jones / GK739894105GB
M. Tatiana / RN419586654GB
O. Squires / GK739894635GB
G. Johnson / GK739894051GB
B Roberts / GK739894048GB
N. S. Le
B. Tucker
J. Foster / GK739893135GB
J. Bertrand / RN419586566GB
K. Wintle
D. Ball
O. Squires
P. Frood
R. Vasquez
E. Naharro
N. Kivelos
N. King / GK455879783GB
L. Wallace / GK455879797GB
N. Stimmelmeyer
T. Ishikawa
A. Leivers
W. Lash
F. Obatake / RN419585455GB
S. King / RN419586305GB
T. Irvine / GK4558785575GB
J. Cave
S. Wallis
P. O'Neill
R. Maddox
M. Barry
E. Tucker
M. Wright
N. Hubbard
G. L. Compton
C. Eastwell
L. Au 
R. Smith
R. N. Martin
C. Finch
G. Kay
O. Dumas / RN419585058GB
E. Murray*
C. Faber (2 of 2)
M. A. March*
M. Zeilstra / RN419585881GB
C. Eastwell
G. Van Norman
K. Renner
J. Vallery
E. Forrester
B. Turrentine
C. Antoine 
A. Ross / GK627163383GB
M. Burton
S. Cross / GK078405842GB
R. McEwan / GK078405839GB
T. Fryer / GK078405825GB
L. Smith
A. Welch
L. Eames
G. Aronowitz
C. Stewart
L. Bulferetti
T. Sugama 
I. D. Lopez
C. Magrelli
L. McMillan
G. Calvert
D. Bilotti  / RN137632198GB
C. Faber (1 of 2)
T. Soroczyn
K. Renner
B. Bukowski  / RN137632136GB
L. Bulferetti (2 pieces)
G. Acosta
A. Lewis / GK011145045GB
C. Vitale 
T. Robinson / GK011144779GB
J. Charusarn 
D. Atkinson
K. Renner (1 of 2)
D. Flores
C. McGauley
W. Gulley
R. Huffstetter
A. Miranda
C. Roberts / GK011143570GB
L. Hill / GK011143566GB
A. Elliot / GK011125783GB
L. Mouloud / RN137631966GB
J. G. A. Roca
A. Weiss / RN137631949GB
A. Ellsworth
E. Hudson / GK011124876GB
D. Treadgold / GK011124690GB
B. Blackwell
A. Keshavji
H. Lopez
R. Huffstetter (1 of 2)
M. Ardo
D. Kurtom
T. Robinson (2 of 2)
R. Dean
R. Huffstetter (2 of 2)
C. Beine
J. Bosiljevac
J. Lassell
K. Jeffkins / GK011123725GB
P. Savino
L. Heinig
L. De Winter / GK011123589GB
S. Power / GK011123544GB
S. Hayashida / RN137631820GB
B. Buka / RN137631816GB
A. Okhagen
G. V. Norman (1 of 2)
J. Harper / AF235759106GB
C. Boyall / AF235759110GB
D. Lynch / RN137631878GB
H. Clark / KK421375662GB
C. McColm / KK421375676GB
J. McCleary / KK421375680GB
A. C. Pazos
B. Lynch
M. Clark (2 pieces)
Y. Sebtaoui
J. LoRe
C. McQuaide / RN137631780GB
R. Dahmen / RN137631776GB
E. Elizarov
E. Acevido (2nd)
K. Bynum
L. V. Engelen
T. Voight-Wilkinson
H. Pearman
J. C. Rodriguez
J. Cox
A. Roknic
S. V. Ruiz c/o J. Carlos
A. Lewis / RN137631759GB
A. Brinkmann / EE553804520GB
C. McCabe / KK330181724GB
K. Tasko / KK330181786GB
E. Acevido
J. Swetland
R. Palumbo
D. Treadgold / KK330181273GB
J. F. Lastres
D. Richards
M. Cepe
J. Asker
G. Evans / KK330181004GB
J. Pires
J. Lavery
E. Tucker
J. Schmalz
D. Weigand
G. Lindsay /  KK330180397GB
B. Buka / RN137631674GB (2 of 2)
L. McMillen / LB219933075GB
K. Sacco / RN137631665GB
G. Erickson / RN137631555GB
F. Speller / KK330179853GB
V. Rajani
V. N. Bonnel (2nd)
S. Riddling
A. Jeremy / RN137631541GB
T. Carmichael
S. Grey
N. Monaghan / KK330179685GB
B. Buka / RN137631524GB (1 of 2)
H. Viebig / RN137631538GB
S. Borghans / RN137631507GB
G. Aronowitz (1 of 2)
R. Radosevich
F. M. Diaz
A. Prentice / KP648577139GB
T. Fuller / KP648576102GB
T. Robinson / KP648576116GB
T. Clarke
T. McPherson
A. Bryazgina
J. Rogers
K. P. Kruger
J. Fruth
M. Van De Waal-Smith
R. P. Moreno
B. Eide
A. Lewis [R.T.S.]
S. Parkinson
K. Barnes
R. N. Martin [R.T.S. 4/10/16]
C. McCabe 
K. Bruick
M. Menezes
R. McFayden
G. Meili
E. Egorova / LB219933035GB 
T. Taylor / KP602959193GB
G. Hart / FWFI3090172GB
D. Lowmiller
G Masefield / KP602972875
A. P. Ramon / RN137631144GB
J. Shakespeare / KP602958768GB
M. Denolf / RN137631158GB
R. Brogden / KP602958771GB